The Swedish Folk High School has a long and proud tradition of teaching students and building memories in Brighton, on the sunny South coast of England.

Our motto has long been ‘More than just English’ because we give you the opportunity to study both English and other specialist subjects; allowing you to individualise your learning to your personal goals, interests and needs and make the most of your time with us.

We are one of the only schools in the UK to offer students English Through and English Plus courses on top of their General English; giving students the chance to explore linguistic subjects like Literature, Poetry or Creative Writing (English Through) or broader subjects such as Photography, International Studies or History (English Plus).

As part of Loxdale English Centre, our students get the opportunity to mix, socialise and learn with students from around the world; and with Proficiency C2 level classes running throughout the year, we can claim to be Britain’s foremost language school for working with students of the highest level.

We also give you the chance to learn about the country you are staying in with our British Culture and Britain Today courses; and there is a series of Lectures and 30 minute talks to help broaden your education and sharpen your academic skills. Learn more about our courses here.

As a Swedish Folk High School, you have the benefit of knowledgeable staff with years of experience teaching Swedes of all abilities and ages, alongside our international students. Our teachers have the insight needed for your cultural, linguistic and special educational needs, whatever they may be – and we are experts at making you feel at home abroad.

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