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The history of Loxdale Folk High School and our partnership with Braheskolan


Folkuniversitetet in Sweden is an adult educational organisation and Braheskolan, Visingsö, Sweden is one of their Folk High Schools in Sweden which opened in the early 1960’s.  All Folk High Schools are grant-aided by the Swedish Ministry of Education to provide free education for adults.


Folkuniversitetet has always been at the forefront of English teaching in Sweden with native English teachers being recruited to teach at lots of their centres in Sweden as early as the 1960’s.  They recognized the importance of an international outlook and Braheskolan was developed as an international Folk High School with subjects being taught by Swedish and foreign teachers.  They wanted to develop an international commitment and understanding through the teaching of language and the subjects taught through these languages.  Braheskolan also wanted to give their adult students the opportunity of having an education abroad under the Folk High School system.  They decided to open daughter schools in various European countries.  A school in France to learn French, a school in Germany to learn German, a school in Spain to learn Spanish and a school in the UK to learn English.


It was, and still is, the only organisation where you can study in the UK under the Folk High School system and the tuition is free.  It was a revolutionary proposal that is still going strong. 


The Swedish Folk High School opened in August 1968 in Brighton and Hove, UK, a seaside city south of London.  It was the sister school to Braheskolan on Visingsö, Sweden.  At the time, it wasn’t easy to travel to the UK.  It was towards the start of English as a Foreign Language teaching in the UK.  There were a handful schools located in London, Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton and Bournemouth

but not many and it was very expensive.






To start with the Swedish Folk High School was housed in a small building in a central suburb called Hove.  In 1972, to allow for further growth, it then developed a close co-operation with another language school called The English Centre.  Over time, it was recognised that The Swedish Folk High School needed even more space to develop their courses, to be closer to the homestay providers and to have a better learning environment. 


In the Autumn of 1979, the Swedish Folk High School bought its current building in Portslade, another residential suburb of Brighton and Hove.  The building was called Loxdale and so the Swedish Folk High School became Loxdale Folk High School.


We have three buildings in a beautiful tree-lined site with large garden and superior facilities. These include offices, lecture room, classrooms, music room, library, computer room, self-study room, dining room, common rooms and a sports hall.


Loxdale Folk High School continued with the Swedish Folk High School goal of fostering the personal and social development of our students through the active participation of our students, the variety of subjects offered, our unique teaching methods and the general welcoming and supportive atmosphere of the school.


In 2008, we were first accredited by the British Council and started accepting international adult students to Loxdale and changed our name to Loxdale English Centre.  All our students are tested and interviewed to make sure they study in the correct level class.  Under the British Council scheme, we have regular, rigorous inspections to make sure that we offer our clients quality courses.  During their inspections, they look in detail at the premises, management, teaching, welfare and accommodation for our students.


At Loxdale, you will have an international environment and speak lots of English.  We want you to learn more than just English, we want you to learn about British life and culture and about yourself.  We are here to support you in your personal development whilst you study with us.


All our teachers have a degree, receive training about the Folk High School system and teaching Swedish students and an English teaching qualification. 


One of the main differences between Loxdale English Centre and other normal language schools in the UK is that we offer a wide curriculum within ‘English’.  We don’t only teach English as you will have done at Secondary School, at Loxdale you will get choice within your learning so that you can individualise your learning.


  • You will have the chance to look at English in detail through our English Through lessons (e.g. English Through Grammar, Exam Preparation, Speaking, Presentations, Reading, Creative writing etc.)  

  • You also get the chance to explore other subjects taught in English through our English Plus programme (e.g. British history, British culture, Photography, Art, Drama, Nutrition, International studies, Yoga and yoga philosophy and many more)

  • Experience a variety of teaching techniques including classes, tutorials, lectures, weekly talks and self-study sessions.

  • You will have one class a week called Britain Today.  Here you will learn about various issues affecting the UK today including social, educational, political and legal issues.

  • There are plenty of opportunities to extra work if you wish with our teacher-guided self-study sessions.



We still have close contact with our mother school, Braheskolan.  Students who study at Braheskolan on the Allmän course, English and Art and English and Drama will also study for a term at Loxdale English Centre.  We also meet with the teachers at the schools in France, Spain, Germany and Braheskolan to discuss our teaching methods and student development, to develop our Folk High School courses and to share ideas and successes.  Often our teachers will also spend time teaching at Braheskolan for a period of time.


Nowadays students can also study directly with Loxdale English Centre during the Autumn, Winter and Spring courses.  You apply through us directly here.

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