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The following policies can be found by going to our Loxdale Website here:

School Policies and Procedures:


  1. What is safeguarding?


  1. Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy


  1. Terms and Conditions


  1. Anti-bullying and anti-harassment Policy


  1. Attendance, Holiday & Lateness Policy


  1. Code of Conduct for adults


  1. Code of Conduct for Young Learners


  1. Compliments and Complaints Policy


  1. Cookie Policy


  1. Loxdale Data Protection /Privacy Notice for clients


  1. DBS Policy


  1. Disciplinary Policy for adult students


  1. Disciplinary Policy for Young Learners


  1. Equality and Discrimination Policy


  1. E-Safety Policy for adults


  1. E-Safety Policy Young Learners


  1. First Aid Policy


  1. Health and Safety Policy


  1. Policy on Abusive behaviour


  1. Policy on Bookings for Students with Disabilities, Mental Health issues or Special Educational Needs


  1. Policy on the Safe Use of Photographs & Video


  1. Prevent Policy


  1. Risk Assessment Policy

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